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While contractor crews are working to install main pipeline, laterals, and make connections to the existing Carefree Water Company's system as part of the Water Consolidation Project, Carefree Water Company crews are also hard at work.

Completed Work

Meter box clean-outs have been completed in all of Neighborhood A and meters have been changed-out in all of the Carefree Foothills, Los Reales, and Carefree Mountain Estates Subdivisions.


Upcoming Work Thru the End of 2022

Our supply chain issues have been resolved and new water meters for the remainder of Neighborhood A have been delivered.  Carefree Water Company staff, along with a private Contractor, Metering Services, Inc.,  will be working to install all of these meters by the end of 2022.  The following is a schedule for the remaining meter change-outs:


  • Ironwood Estates (Provence) – Nov. 28th thru Dec. 23rd

  • Canyon Creek Estates – Nov. 28th thru Dec. 2nd

  • Southern Sentinel Rock Estates – Nov. 28th thru Dec. 2nd

  • Northern Sentinel Rock Estates – Dec. 12th thru Dec. 16th


In addition to meter change-outs, some pressure regulating valves (PRVs) will need to be installed in the Carefree Mountain Estates, Ironwood Estates (Provence), and Lost Acres Subdivisions.  The Carefree Water Company will contact you directly If you are one of the affected properties.


Remember:  After your new water meter is installed, Carefree Water will read the new meter and provide your water usage information to Cave Creek.  Cave Creek will continue to be your water provider and bill you for your water usage.  After all water meters have been replaced and at a time yet to be determined, the water system will be transitioned over to Carefree Water.  After that transition has occurred, your water bill will come from Carefree Water.  This transition will be coordinated with you when it occurs. 

Ocotillo Ridge Pic.jpg

Vice Mayor John Crane

and Ocotillo Ridge HOA President Dick Hartig celebrate the successful transition of 21 Ocotillo Ridge customers to Carefree Water

Welcome PNG.png

On November 15th, Carefree Water Company welcomed 84 news customers in the Ridgeview Estates/Montacino/Clarendon Estates Neighborhoods.  This transition included most of the residents in Neighborhood B.  The remainder of the residents in Neighborhood B will be transitioned after improvements to the Peaceful Place Booster Pump Station are completed in 2023.  The remaining customers, all of which are in Neighborhood A, are anticipated to be transitioned in the first quarter of 2023. 

Carefree Water Company Welcomes 

Our Newest Customers!


  • Lower Scopa Trail (3 customers)

  • Tranquil Place (14 customers)

  • Ocotillo Ridge (21 customers)

  • The Crossings 2, 3, 4 & Grapevine (46 customers)

  • Upper Scopa Trail/72nd Street (11 customers)

  • Ridgeway/Montacino/Clarendon Neighborhoods (84 customers)