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Carefree Water Consolidation Project

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In 2021, the Carefree Water Company (Carefree Water) acquired the water system for the areas within Carefree that were served potable (drinking) water by the Town of Cave Creek. Carefree Water then undertook the formidable task of transitioning 550 accounts from the Cave Creek Water System to Carefree Water’s system.  This transition process is now nearly complete with only 30 customers remaining to be transitioned.  These 30 customers are primarily in the western portion of Neighborhood B and will be transitioned when improvements to the Peaceful Place Booster Pump Station are completed.


To accomplish this major transition project, Carefree Water contracted with CVL Consultants to design the necessary water infrastructure improvements and with Achen-Gardner Construction to construct these improvements.

Girl Drinking Water
Mayor First Water.JPG

Mayor Les Peterson

"gets the water flowing" into Tranquil Place welcoming 14 new customers to Carefree Water

Ocotillo Ridge Pic.jpg

Vice Mayor John Crane

and Ocotillo Ridge HOA President Dick Hartig celebrate the successful transition of 21 new customers to Carefree Water

The portions of Carefree that have now been transitioned over to Carefree Water are located within three “Neighborhoods” identified as A, B, and C on the graphic at right.  These areas needed to be physically disconnected from the Cave Creek water system and reconnected to Carefree’s while maintaining continuous, or nearly continuous, water service. This was a significant undertaking requiring a considerable amount of coordination and water infrastructure construction. When this process is 100% complete, the entirety of the Town of Carefree will, with the exception of a few properties in the far northern portions of Carefree that are on wells, fall under the water umbrella of the Carefree Water Company.

Construction on the Consolidation Project took about 18 months to complete, running from February of 2022 through August of 2023.


Click here for information on the Carefree Water Board and history and administration of the consolidation.

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